Utility Tractors

John Deere Utility Tractors are hard to beat and ready to tackle your landscaping, gardening and small farming jobs. Powerful and versatile, yet easy to operate and packed with features you won’t find anywhere else. Built to give you the best performance while saving you money on fuel and maintenance.


1 Family Compact Utility Tractor

1 Series Compact Utility Tractors

The Value-Spec 23 horsepower 1023E meets all of the basic needs around your property. Or choose the 1025R for a premium, comfortable workhorse for your small acreage.

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2 Series Compact Utility Tractors

2 Series Compact Utility Tractors

Ranging from 24 to 36 horsepower, these comfortable compact tractors feature a drive-over mower deck, foldable ROPs and standard four-wheel drive.

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3 Series Compact Utility Tractor

3 Series Compact Utility Tractors

The 37 horsepower value-spec 3038E tractors are ready to tackle jobs. The 3R Tractors is where premium meets capability.

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4 Series Compact Utility Tractor

4 Series Compact Utility Tractors

All 4 series tractors are built for hard work: loading, mowing and landscaping. The mid-spec 4M Tractors are available in 49 and 66 horsepower models, as are the premium 4R Tractors.

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5 Series Compact Utility Tractor

5 Series Utility Tractors

With models ranging from the value-spec 5E Tractors (55 to 93 hp), to the mid-spec 5M Tractors (85 to 115 hp) and the premium 5R Tractors (90 to 125 hp), these tractors are built to get the job done.

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6 Series Compact Utility Tractor

6 Series Utility Tractors

With horsepower ranging from 105 to 135, these tractors are built to get the tougher jobs done. 

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