High Performance Academy


High Performance Academy

Hutcheon and Pearce are driven to become the Dealer of Choice within the Agricultural Machinery Industry. The High Performance Academy (HPA) is the platform of our learning and development growth model and the opportunity for employees to build their career.

H&P truly believe that our people are our most important asset.

The High Performance Academy is our commitment to our employees of our intent regarding their development and growth that is paramount to the current health of the organisation. The HPA is an investment in sustaining the success of the organisation for our employees, customers and suppliers.

So please take a look at what is on offer. There is an offering to suit all roles, training needs and career expectations.

The HPA endeavours to enable employees to:

  1. develop concrete skills with servicing and selling John Deere products, parts, components and solutions.
  2. understand specific Hutcheon and Pearce processes and techniques
  3. acquire diagnostic problem solving skills specific to John Deere products and systems
  4. build on personal development capabilities to maximise their full potential and successfully lead and manage teams

Development options in the HPA

In any of the GROW.MANAGE.LEAD levels there are 3 learning experiences. The weighting may vary between roles and responsibility but is generally a 70%:20%:10% split. Most of an employee’s learning is on the job, however the HPA offers the other 30%.

On the Job Training – 70% of your development

  • job shadowing,
  • peer or manager coaching,
  • job rotating or sharing, projects
  • short term assignments
  • during the normal day’s job.

Informal Training – 20% of your development

  • conducted at a team or department meeting,
  • one on one HR Mentoring program,
  • workshops or optimisation clinics
  • self research or personal development.

Formal Training – 10% of your development

  • University Certificate Degree or Diploma
  • John Deere University traditional
  • John Deere University Skillsoft

Why get involved?

  1. to build your self esteem, self-awareness and confidence in your knowledge
  2. grow your capabilities and efficiencies for productivity and personal satisfaction
  3. be job ready on John Deere product in Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  4. become the ultimate Service Technician, Parts, Sales Representative, TECSight Specialist, Support Administrator or Manager.
  5. grow to be the leaders of today and tomorrow in your field of excellence
  6. lead the industry best practices with a fulfilling career

Building our team ready for a career, not just ready to perform a job.