GROW focuses on building the core competencies to perform each employee’s role, core skills, product knowledge, H&P systems, John Deere programs, habits and everyday practices following processes.

GROW is aimed at all employees wanting to maximise their development in their current role at Hutcheon and Pearce.

Requests are to be channelled through your Manager and the HR Training Coordinators.

The JDU courses will registered on an employee’s Learning Assignments in the JDU and offered through the following:

  • John Deere University (JDU) Web Based Training (WBT),
  • JDU Instructor Lead Training (ILT),
  • JDU Distance Learning Class (DLC)
  • JDU Interactive Distance Training (IDT).
  • John Deere University Skillsoft
  • HR trainer or mentor
  • Branches workshops

What format are the course options available?

John Deere University Web Based Training

  • independently completed at work or at home based on your Training Plan.

John Deere University IDT, ILT, DLC

  • invitation only from your Manager or HR Manager as a part of Training Plan

Skillsoft WH&S, CS and PD courses

  • requested on an as needs basis, through the JDU to HR Training Coordinator.

Personal Development (PD) formal training

  • completed in Wagga or in Branch.
  • Skillsoft PD courses will be prequisites or part of small group training.

TAFE HPA Apprenticeships & Traineeships

  • completed in Wagga, under contract with MEGT and RITAFE.

Personal Development (PD) examples
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Communication & Time Management Skills
  • Resilience and Stress Management Skills
  • Conflict Resolution & Courageous Conversations
  • Maximising Team Dynamics & Effectiveness
  • Situational Leadership for followers
  • Presentation & Basic Selling Skills
  • Being prepared for your Performance Review
  • Influence, Negotiation & Persuasion Skills
  • Dealing with Change, Coaching & Training Others
Computer Skills (CS) examples
  • Basic Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Advanced Excel & Word formatting
Formal External Qualifications John Deere University Level 1-3
  • Certificate III Agricultural Technology
  • Certificate III Automotive Sales
  • Certificate III Automotive Parts Interpreting
  • Certificate III Business Administration
  • Certificate III Service Administration
  • Certificate IV Service Management
Work, Health & Safety (WH&S) examples
  • Workplace Safety Orientation
  • PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
  • Back Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Heat Stress Recognition and Prevention
  • Trailer Coupling and Uncoupling
  • Spill Prevention and Control
  • Defensive Driving Fundamentals
  • Forklift Safety Awareness
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety

GROW: Building core foundation job ready skills & enabling personal growth