MANAGE for Emerging Leaders provides knowledge and skills as the core competencies for leading, supervising and managing a team of employees and a department.

MANAGE ensures emerging leaders are demonstrating our company values and Key Result Areas.

MANAGE is targeted at those who are:

  • aspiring for a management role
  • currently managing a team like Foreman, Parts and Service Managers
  • coaching apprentices or trainees
  • talented employees needing extension.

Participation is by invitation only with 12 participants selected every 12-18 months.

At the completion of the core units graduation and certification from the HPA will occur.

All participants will be coached and mentored for support, learning, challenge and encouragement. by:

  • the HR Manager
  • a Mentor Manager from another Department and Branch.


What’s involved?

Over the duration of 18 months you will:

  1. Pre-work prior to formal training ie reading, online courses, research, surveys from your team.
  2. Formal training in Wagga during non peak periods for 1-2 days, 6-8 blocks in the 18 months.
  3. Complete homework assessments on how the topics impact your work and relate to yourself and your team.
  4. Entry paper of needs and expectations
  5. Graduation summary assessment of your achievements.

If you are interested discuss your nomination with your Manager or HR.

Formal Training in Wagga SRO
  • Self Awareness assessments
  • Leadership & Management Skills
  • Motivating Teams & Employee Engagement
  • Financial Management Skills
  • Sales, Service & Parts process optimisation
  • Developing Team operating plans
  • Team Dynamics & Team Building
  • Leading Performance Reviews
  • Courageous Conversations & Influence Skills
  • Recruitment and Retention of talent
  • Presentation, and Meeting Management
  • Influence and Negotiation Skills
  • Coaching and training Apprentices & Trainees
Informal Training on the job
  • Feedback sessions with own teams
  • HR Mentor 1 on 1 coaching sessions
  • Personal Leadership Mentor sessions
  • Facilitating workshops with your team
  • Conducting Performance Reviews
  • Effective Meeting facilitation
  • Personal Profiling feedback sessions
  • MANAGE peer cross training
  • Research and self learning
  • Assessment of learning tasks
  • Personal challenges
  • Achievement report for graduation

What will you achieve?

  • Build your high performing team
  • Become a more inspiring Leader
  • Become the ideal Manager
  • Build strengths and work on your weaknesses
  • Optimised team processes and practices in your department
  • Optimised processes and practices with other departments
  • Prove you are ready for your next career challenge when it arises.

MANAGE: Developing tomorrow’s leaders, today.