Zero-Turn Mowers

EZtrak Series Zero-Turn Mowers

Z200 Series

Having time to smell the flowers is fine and good, but providing a quality cut is where it’s at. That’s where stamped steel and carefully shaped mower decks come in. You’ll get one of the best cuts in the industry, every time with our Z200 Series EZtrak™ zero-turn mowers. Plus the Z200 Series has been designed to take the hard work out of yard work. Both the Z235 and the Z255 mowers offer a thick frame for durability and long life, while the EZT transmission delivers maintenance-free reliability. Every mow is steady and straight, thanks to easyto-use on-board tracking and skillfully engineered steering design for comfortable operation. Covered storage gives you easy access to your gear and all operator controls are right at your fingertips. The Z200 Series also features large 45.7 cm reardrive tyres for a smooth ride, and a fully adjustable height-of-cut range (in 0.63 cm increments) that delivers a consistently superior cut. All with 11.2 km/h ground speed. In other words, what comes standard in the Z200 Series is hardly standard at all. But that’s just how we run. And nothing runs like a Deere.


Z400 Series

We don’t take shortcuts. We do things the right way. With the Z400 Series, making your yard look great is a natural result of how we run. Get into the seat and see what it feels like to hit the grass running with a swift 13.7 km/h ground speed and a cut that’s unbelievably precise with a 122 cm (48 in.), 137 cm (54 in.) and 152 cm (60 in.) Edge™ mower deck. We know that when an EZtrak comes off the assembly line we’re going to make a customer happy down the road. One reason why is that these zeroturn mowers are driven by powerful engines and integrated transmissions. But beyond being comfortably ahead of the competition, the Z400 Series is also just… comfortable. Wide rear tyres provide a smooth ride across your lawn. Onboard storage lets you keep important items close at hand. While 38- or 43 cm seats with armrests, thick cushions and standard seat suspension mean your time in the sun is time comfortably spent. Another reason for happiness? Attention to detail. Critical maintenance areas are conveniently accessed, so servicing is faster and easier, too. No shortcuts. Built the right way. Intentional design. That’s how we run. And nothing runs like a Deere.


Z600 Series

Stamping out mower decks for our Z600 Series EZtrak™ Mowers from a sheet of high quality steel is an important part of how we run. It’s an example of how we build our Z600 Series equipment the right way. Still, remarkable power, and exceptional performance are just as important. With the Z600 Series, you’ll get the high-performance, Edge™ High-Capacity decks for a superior cut in all conditions, large, 58.4 cm drive tyres for a smooth ride and a 14.5 km/h ground speed. All providing you with the one of the quickest, most efficient residential zero-turn mowers you’ll find today. In addition to running fast, performance is made easy with features like controls with thick, padded grips and smooth shock absorbers. In other words, the way these mowers can effortlessly make turns is guaranteed to turn heads. Those are the big things. But the Z600 Series is stocked with super-smart small elements, too. Like onboard storage for keeping what’s important to you, close to you. Or a heavy-duty transmission with no external lines that keeps everything running at a comfortable pace. With an emphasis on comfortable. That’s how we run. And nothing runs like a Deere.