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From babies to big kids, John Deere have gifts for everyone.

Just ask Cathy Armstrong from our Finley Branch.

Since marrying second generation John Deere dealer Bill Armstrong, Cathy has grown to know and love John Deere toys.

“When we had little kids, they were always keen to play with John Deere. My kids have now got kids of their own and I they’re all John Deere mad. One little fella said, ‘If it’s green it’s got to be seen. If it’s red keep it in the shed’.

“Whether it’s the little kids, the bigger kids or even the old kids, I love the fact that everyone gets enjoyment out of John Deere.”

And Cathy knows her toys. At one time, she and Bill had a collection of 500+ John Deere toys that took over every spare space of their house.

“We had the biggest toy collection ever, housed in my wardrobe and every cupboard that would close.  

“Bill’s toys were collector’s items, so the kids were never allowed to get them out of the box. He’d bring another one home and he couldn’t possibly put them all on display, though he did have some favourites out for sure.

“One day he relented, and he sold them to a bloke who was just as big a fan.”

Now, the John Deere toys at Cathy and Bill’s home are for their 13 grandkids, aged 15 years to five weeks.

“The ride on toys are always popular. We have a ride on gator that our six-year-old grandson drives while his three-year-old twin brothers take turns, and when Pa goes for a walk, the kids go with him on the gator.

“I always suggest that customers buying the ride on toys get a spare battery because the last thing you really want is the kids happily playing on the toys and them running flat and all hell breaking loose. It’s not worth the headache!”

Apart from ride on toys, Cathy says there is a large variety available.

“We have fluffy toys, baby musical toys, rocking tractors, toy lawn mowers and hedge trimmers, farm yard sets, trucks and headers, and my older grandkids like the John Deere merchandise, like water bottles, and tools.

“I always give the multitool in our Kris Kringle because everyone loves those.

“Each Hutcheon & Pearce branch has a range of toys on offer. If they don’t have the one you need, they’ll ring around and get one from one of the other branches

or order it in.”

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