Autumn 2019 High Performance Magazine

Battling the cold for TECSight hot topics

With integrated solutions a big part of the Hutcheon & Pearce vision for the future, our TECSight team is constantly looking ahead to which products and service trends will have the biggest benefits for our farming community.

Earlier this year, Manager of TECSight Integrated Solutions, Sam Horan attended an Integrated Solutions (IS) Managers’ tour of the United States and Canada.

Jumping at the chance to trade 40 degrees for minus 14, Sam spent a ‘priceless’ 10 days at the epicentre of IS research and development and brought back some great insights he’s keen to put into practice here for the H&P family.

Here he shares a few highlights of the trip.


The LEAD (Leading in Economic and Agronomic Decisions) Demo Event

This event was designed to show customers how to use John Deere technology, machinery and data management to impact the bottom line and build a greater return on investment. Steven Shirtliffe, a professor in the Plant Science Department at the University of Saskatchewan spoke about Canola Crop Response to Management and then we were stepped through some

interesting topics including: Higher Profits through Data-Enabled Decisions, Even Stand Drives Successful Harvest, Effective Nutrient Management Strategies, Application Precision Drive Yields, and Harvesting Canola Right Choice.

One thing I picked up that’s worth noting: industry is definitely pushing us toward the use of planters over seeders for canola achieving better plant spacing and establishment.

Full factory tour of the Hagie Factory – Clarion, Iowa

This factory tour was amazing! It had a great family feel and we went right through the production line to see how everything is designed and built.

I was impressed to see that all orders are completely customisable and the build quality is excellent.

Following the tour, we talked with the Hagie development team about what’s coming and what changes are being made to the 2019 line-up. We even got a sneak peek at a new machine in R&D. I cannot wait to get one of these amazing machines into our area and demo, demo, demo!


Dealer and customer visits – Saskatoon, Des Moines, Olathe

We met with John Deere Dealer Western Sales to see what they are doing with their Integrated Solutions Department. This was a great opportunity to benchmark our efforts at Hutcheon & Pearce.

We also attended a meeting of New CO-OP – a farmer cooperative funded by around 5000 farmers.

Although we have nothing of this scale in the grower funded space in Australia and it was certainly an interesting experience.


AgTech company visits

Agrimatics is a company that makes a simple plug and play system where, as long as the grain cart (chaser bin) has load cells fitted, you can fit a small Bluetooth transmitter to the chaser bin and a iPad to the cabin of the tractor to do away with the existing cables and monitor.

This would be a great system for Australian grains producers.

Swat Maps is a specialty ag product that helps define and account for variability in field. It takes three maps combining them into a full field variability map using Dual Band EM data 50 cm and 1M, RTK elevation Data, and Strategic soil sampling in combination. It allows you to get a good look at in-field variability which can be used for VR, Moisture Probe Positioning and Field Management.

I think it would provide a great agronomic value-added service in dryland and irrigation farming.


Sprayer Works and Cotton Factory, Des Moines, Iowa

The Cotton Picker and Sprayer factory tour was a great experience.

An old ammunition factory from the Second World War houses leading technology and processes building JD cotton pickers. And an impressive state-of-the-art sprayer shed housed the sprayer factory and assembly line.

With a sprayer rolling off the line every 45 minutes, this shed was a lesson in precision planning and how to keep things flowing, all while keeping parts and workers out of the punishing minus 25 degree weather!


Integrated Solutions Group – Des Moines, Iowa

Despite facing Snowmageddon and one of the area’s worst snow storms of the year, the visit to ISG (Integrated Solutions Group) was the highlight of the trip.

Arriving at the John Deere Integrated Solutions Group headquarters, we knew that we were in the right place when we were greeted by 20 GPS receivers mounted to the roof of the building and a John Deere weather station in the front garden.

We kicked off with a tour of the software testing department were software goes through at least 5000 hours of tests before moving to on-farm testing then finally being released.

Then we looked at the hardware testing department, with booths set up for testing extreme heat and cold on any new hardware to make sure it can stand up to the harshest of climates and conditions.

And we finished with a look at one of the USA’s DTAC departments where John Deere technicians from all over the world send in cases that need more help in the field or in the shop.


Region 4 Precision Ag Business Meeting with JD leadership

What a huge meeting! And great opportunity to share knowledge and extend our international contacts with 2012 precision ag managers from across Australia, US and Canada present to align goals with John Deere’s current direction around artificial intelligence and automation and data driven agronomic decisions.


Develop with Deere Conference

The Develop with Deere 2019 was a great conference with more than 20 third parties that have APIs with John Deere’s My Operations Centre. There were more than 600 people in attendance, 152 dealer groups from around the world, including the My John Deere operations in 57 different countries.




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