10 Year or 1000 Hour Warranty

Covering Series 1 to 5 John Deere Tractors.

Warranty Shield

The exclusive Hutcheon & Pearce 10 Year or 1000 Hour Warranty.

Hutcheon & Pearce is proud to announce an industry leading warranty for Compact Tractors in Australia. When you buy any Compact or 5 Series John Deere Tractor from us you will automatically be covered by our exclusive 10 Year or 1000 Hour Warranty.

At Hutcheon & Pearce we believe in the quality of the products we sell, and we believe in supporting those small acreage and hobby farmers with a warranty that should see them through 10 years of use.

Most warranties in this sector tend to ignore the low hours worked on smaller farms and properties, so hanging on to your machine for a longer period means that if something did happen then you were on your own when getting it repaired. Those days are over.
John Deere 1025R Tractor

Key Benefits:

  • Your standard John Deere Warranty is still valid and is not replaced by us.We are just giving you more time if your yearly machine usage is low, and if you keep up with servicing and maintenance.*
  • Peace of mind for users of our Compact and 5 Series Tractors.You can achieve a lot in 10 years!
  • Our warranty covers Compact and 5 Series John Deere Tractors that range from 23 to 93 horsepower so you have plenty of scope in choosing a tractor with a power level that suits you and your property.
  • Backed exclusively by Hutcheon & Pearce. Our local technicians and support staff are committed to getting you going and keeping you going.

John Deere 5 Series Tractor
For full details of the Hutcheon & Pearce 10 Year or 1000 Hour Warranty please contact your local Hutcheon & Pearce dealership and talk to one of our Sales Team.

Terms & Conditions

For a copy of our Terms & Conditions you can download a pdf below:
Terms & Conditions