7000 & 8000 Series Servicing

7000 & 8000 Series Servicing

Your time is valuable. Let us take care of your servicing needs with our competitive fixed priced servicing program

Service and inspection includes:

Complete service as per the manufacturers guidelines and recommendations.




Standard Service:

  • Machine visual and operational inspection
  • Lubricate all service points
  • Software and PIP updates (if any)
  • Check engine and transmission adjustments
  • Check battery, charging system and cables
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Replace fuel filter (if required)
  • Inspect / replace engine air filters
  • Machine safety check
  • Check wheel bolt torque
  • Check loader operation (if fitted)

Extensive Service:

  • Includes all items listed in the standard service
  • Replace transmission / hydraulic filters

Major Service:

  • Includes standard and extensive service
  • Change transmission / hydraulic filters and oil
  • Replace engine coolant (if required)

Major Service Additional Items:

Check and adjust engine valve clearance – Add $600 to service cost

On Site Discount Service Travel Charges:

  • For on-site service, add $100 within 100km of your nearest H&P Dealership
  • Or, add $150 for greater than 100km, but within 150km of your nearest H&P Dealership


  • Oils, Coolant, Filters and Parts are not included
  • Travel charges apply for on-farm servicing
  • No additional work will be done without your authorisation.
  • Additional mechanical repairs outside of warranty will be charged at normal retail rates.
  • NOTE: A service fee will apply to cover incidental workshop materials and environmental levies.
  • *All prices shown in Australian dollars including GST. Prices are until November 30th 2019. Images are for illustrative purposes only.