Planter Inspection Program

Planter Inspection Program

Benefit from a trouble tree planting period with accurate emergence.

We have a dedicated Planter Test Stand that allows us to opimise your SeedStar XP row units. A trained Hutcheon and Pearce technician will calibrate your meters on this test stand. Meters are calibrated to a 99.7% accuracy or better!

Planters and metering units


  • Meters only $75 per unit (parts not included)*
  • Row unit only $50 per unit (parts not included)*
  • Meter and row unit $100 per unit (parts not included)*
*Pricing is GST inclusive

 Meter checks

  • Inspect vacuum seal and components
  • Inspect seed disk and components
  • Housings and brushes
  • Double eliminator
  • Bearings, chains and drives
  • Meter calibration using test stand

 Row unit checks

  • Down pressure components
  • Openers and components
  • Seed tubes and components
  • Gauge Wheels and components

 Fixed price includes:

  • On-farm inspection
  • Full Inspection check
  • Written report on our findings (if required)

Ask us about financing repairs *T+C apply

Parts discount 10% when fitted by us*