Seeding Inspection Program

Seeding Inspection Program

29-2Ideal seeding windows are often very short and we understand that timing is critical. Reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns or delays this season. Book an inspection today and let us check over both your Air Cart and Seeder Bar for only $600 (inc. GST).

Commodity Air Cart (1900/10) H&P Inspection includes:

  • Meter Drive System
  • Product Tank
  • Check condition of all hoses
  • Air Delivery System (Cart & Seeding Tool)
  • Manifold-Tank Pressure Differential Test
  • Conveyance System (if equipped)
  • Hydraulic Meter Calibration System (if equipped)
  • Commodity Air Cart Electrical System Check
  • Seed Counting System
  • Blockage Electrical System
  • Safety Inspection
  • Provide a repair list (if required)

Seeding Bar H&P Inspection includes:

  • Overall equipment check
  • Check Open Arm & Seed Boot
  • Check Disk Coulters
  • Check Gauge Wheel adjustment and operation
  • Check Press Wheels & Closing Wheels
  • General grease
  • Safety Inspection
  • Provide a repair list (if required)

No additional call out fee for inspections!

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