Seeding Inspection Program

Seeding Inspection Program


Ideal seeding windows are often very short and we understand that timing is critical. Reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns or delays this season. Book a inspection today and let us check over both your Air Cart and Seeder Bar for only $600.

Commodity Air Cart (1900/10) H&P inspection includes:

  • Meter drive system
  • Product tank
  • Check condition of all hoses
  • Air delivery system (cart & seeding tool)
  • Manifold-tank pressure differential test
  • Conveyance system (if equipped)
  • Hydraulic meter calibration system (if equiped)
  • Commodity air cart electrical system check
  • Seed counting system
  • Blockage electrical system
  • Safety inspection
  • Provide a repair list (if required)

Seeding Bar H&P Inspection includes:

  • Overall equipment check
  • Check open arm & seed boot
  • Check disk coulters
  • Check gauge wheel adjustment and operation
  • Check press wheels & closing wheels
  • Safety inspection
  • Provide a repair list (if required)

H&P Inspection Guarantee:

  • If you break down during harvest, our H&P Inspection Guarantee Includes:
  • Priority in-season repair assistance
  • No freight charges on overnight delivery from Melbourne on all required parts
  • No travel charges (includes km and travel labour time) – only pay for the repair labour
  • No afterhours parts or service call out fees
  • H&P Inspection Guarantee only applies if the recommended pre season repairs where completed by us.


  • Inspection must be completed by January 2019
  • Repairs will be completed in a mutually agreed time frame.
  • Parts and labour for recommended repairs not included
  • Customers must have an up to date and current account.
  • All recommended service repairs are completed using genuine John Deere parts.
  • Travel for on-site inspection is included in price (up to 150kms from nearest Hutcheon & Pearce location).
  • *All prices shown in Australian dollars including GST. Prices are until November 30th 2019. Images are for illustrative purposes only.
  • #Parts discount only applies to parts fitted by us as part of the repairs recommended under the inspection program.