Parts OnSite™

Parts OnSite™ is an on location stocking program created for you! As a selected customer, Hutcheon & Pearce can deliver high-volume and high-wear parts to your place of business for your machines. The intent is to periodically restock your cabinet so that you have the parts that you need on hand and ready for the upcoming season.

Our proposal to you is:

Parts OnSite™ Cabinet Program
Terms & Conditions

Your first first order must be a minimum $3000 + GST, with a maximum of $1500 of oil in that order.

The Parts OnSite™ Cabinet remains an asset of Hutcheon & Pearce, and so our customers must accept liability for any damage to the OnSite Cabinet while in their care & may be charged accordingly.

Parts return conditions

Parts must be in as new condition and normally stocked by Hutcheon & Pearce.

Parts must be returned within 12 months of the original stocking date.

A 15% return fee may apply on some items.

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