Preparing for the cotton harvest season? Taking a moment to set up before cotton harvest can be time well spent. Our 2023 Cotton Pick Clinics are designed to help you get to know your cotton harvester and learn all about its capabilities (before cotton pick really kicks into gear) and also familiarise yourselves with the latest in Machine technology.

We will spend time with a quick-reference overview of key adjustments, cleaning, maintenance, and operation of the cotton harvester.

We will then run you through the technology built into the next generation of our game-changing cotton picker, saving you more money, more time. Our forthcoming clinic details are listed below:



CP770 Cotton Harvesters: Guide for Optimised Harvesting

How to Set Up your Cotton Harvester

Before you start harvesting, use the Work Setup app in the Gen 4 display to select the right information relevant to the field that you are in. Basic machine setup, crop selection and Harvest ID Cotton Pro is covered in this video, ensuring your machine is ready to collect accurate data during harvest.

Row Compensation & Yield Calibration

Row compensation and yield monitor calibrations are important for ensuring that accurate yield data is recorded during harvest. Accurate yield data highlights potential opportunities and allows you to make informed management decisions about each field. This video outlines when you need to perform these calibrations, and how to do it.

Set Up Partnerships for easy Data Sharing

Setting up partnerships with your agronomist, contractor, dealer or gin in Operations Center is essential for enabling easy data sharing within Operations Center. This video runs you through this process, including the permission levels required to share data such as yield maps and cotton module data.

Work Planner for Harvest

Setting up your operations in Work Planner allows you to plan work from your office, or on the go, and send it directly to your machines. This simplifies the setup experience in the cab, where work details will automatically pop-up and prompt the operator as they enter the field. This saves time and reduces mistakes.

View, Analyse & Share your Cotton Data With Field Analyser and Analyse Tools

It’s easy to view, analyse and share your cotton data. This includes module information recorded through Harvest ID, Cotton Pro which enables you to track, trace and transfer module production information during pick.