Farmers are real-life heroes. Even when times are tough, you show up to feed our nation.

Your efforts keep us all going, but who keeps you going?

We do. Our High Performance Package is the ultimate service package to keep you moving.

We’ve bundled together servicing, parts, remote diagnostic and software advice, and extended warranty into a single, high-value package to give you proactive, year-round support for your farm operation.

The HP Package offers real peace of mind – expert alerts, servicing, remote support, and locked-in pricing.

It all adds up to less downtime and a healthy bottom line. 

Let us talk you through it.



Having your machinery working is a must. When we bought a new tractor, it just made sense to lock in servicing at the same time.

Spike Orr, Forbes




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    At Hutcheon & Pearce, we want to keep you going. The HP Package is for customers buying new machines and for those with older machines. Anyone with a 6000+ series can sign up, no matter what type of farming operation they have. No one misses out.Here’s more of the fine print: • Sign up to a minimum 2000hr Service Plan to qualify for the High Performance (HP) Package • 12 months/0hrs PowerGard™ is in addition to any current PowerGard™ offer • Service Plan must match the PowerGard™ coverage hours to be eligible for the High Performance Package • Maximum Service Plan: For new Machinery paid by the Customer upfront – 60 months or 5000 engine hours maximum (whichever comes first) • Maximum Service Plan: For new & existing Machinery where the Customer is paying monthly or Pay As You Go – 36 months or 3000 engine hours maximum (whichever comes first).