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Farmers are real-life heroes. Even when times are tough, you show up to feed our nation.

Your efforts keep us all going, but who keeps you going?

We do. Our High Performance Package is the ultimate service package to keep you moving.

We’ve bundled together servicing, parts, remote diagnostic and software advice, and extended warranty into a single, high-value package to give you proactive, year-round support for your farm operation.

The HP Package offers real peace of mind – expert alerts, servicing, remote support, and locked-in pricing.

It all adds up to less downtime and a healthy bottom line. 

Let us talk you through it.



Having your machinery working is a must. When we bought a new tractor, it just made sense to lock in servicing at the same time.

Spike Orr, Forbes




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    At Hutcheon & Pearce, we want to keep you going. The HP Package is for customers buying new machines and for those with older machines. Anyone with a 6000+ series can sign up, no matter what type of farming operation they have. No one misses out.Here’s more of the fine print: • Sign up to a minimum 2000hr Service Plan to qualify for the High Performance (HP) Package • 12 months/0hrs PowerGard™ is in addition to any current PowerGard™ offer • Service Plan must match the PowerGard™ coverage hours to be eligible for the High Performance Package • Maximum Service Plan: For new Machinery paid by the Customer upfront – 60 months or 5000 engine hours maximum (whichever comes first) • Maximum Service Plan: For new & existing Machinery where the Customer is paying monthly or Pay As You Go – 36 months or 3000 engine hours maximum (whichever comes first).


    We know that as a farmer, you face countless decisions and jobs each and every day. That’s why we’ve kept the HP Package nice and simple.

    You let us do all the servicing heavy lifting for you.

    As John Deere experts, we know your machine and how to keep it working in tip-top order better than anyone. We’ll monitor your machine’s performance and take care of scheduling services and maintenance so you can get on with the job with one less thing to worry about.

    The HP Package means total peace of mind for your machine and adds enormous value to your farming operations.

    • Minimal downtime – John Deere leads the industry for preventive maintenance and repair protocols. With JDLink™, Hutcheon & Pearce monitors and manages scheduled servicing, so you’ll never miss a service. Regular and proactive servicing minimises downtime, which can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding breakdowns in peak periods.
    • Free Machine Health Monitoring – We monitor your machine’s diagnostic trouble codes and contact you to discuss next steps before it becomes an issue.
    • Expert Alerts – We action Expert Alerts which tell us when a failure is imminent and fix issues before they occur.
    • Greater resale value – Machines that are regularly serviced by John Deere qualified technicians hold their value well. This means a better outcome for you when it comes time to sell or trade-in the machine.
    • Seasonal check – As well as scheduled servicing, the HP Package also includes a free yearly seasonal H&P Expert Check to ensure your machine is operating at its optimum all year round.
    • Extended warranty – John Deere provides one of the best warranties in the business. With PowerGard™ Protection Plan, you can purchase additional protection beyond the normal factory warranty term. We will also contribute an extra 12 months/0 hrs PowerGard™ to those who sign-up for the HP Package.

    Want to know more about how the HP Package can help you sleep better at night? Talk to us today.





    Put simply, signing up for the HP Package is good for your bottom line.

    It’s designed to keep your machines working when you need them most, and it offers a whole lot of payment flexibility and dollar savings.

    • Low running costs – Depending on the Service Plan you choose, the running cost of the HP Package is as little as $4 per machine hour with no hidden costs or surprises.
    • Upfront discount – When you purchase a Service Plan on your next machine, we’ll give you a 5% discount.
    • Price protection – We lock in today’s pricing on labour and parts.
    • Excess-free claims – We cover any excess on the PowerGard™ Protection Plan extended warranty if you have to make a claim.
    • Free travel – We waive travel charges for any repairs or breakdowns while a Service Plan is in place. Depending on travel distances, this can represent a saving of thousands of dollars over the life of the Service Plan.
    • Flexible payment options – Choose between upfront purchase (with finance), Pay As You Go or monthly billing.
    • Maximum trade-in – By ensuring your machines are optimised and maintained, you’ll get the highest possible trade-in or resale value when the time comes.

    Contact us and let us show you how the HP Package can help your bottom line.


    Remote Support



    With the HP Package, every time you get in your machine, a H&P support team is virtually right beside you.

    Beyond machinery, servicing and parts, our diagnostic support ensures you have the equipment you need and the know-how and support to keep going and stay up to date with the latest in precision ag.

    • TECSight phone support – We provide free TECSight support for the length of the HP Package. This includes remote data and yield mapping support. Plus, in the event of a breakdown, you have access to technicians who can talk you through the problem, all without leaving your cab.
    • TECSight Field support – Our Field Specialists can come to you for machine optimisation and data/precision ag services.
    • Connected Support™ – As well as TECSight remote support and field service, every HP Package sign-up has access to John Deere’s Connected Support™ Tools, including Expert Alerts, Machine Health Dashboard, Remote Display access, and Service Advisor Remote.
    • Agronomic Data – Data is the fuel that drives today’s farming profits. Our TECSight team can format and interpret your data to help plan your operations more effectively, optimise machine performance, and increase uptime.

    It’s all about seamless connectivity between farm, dealer and machine. Discover the power of TECSight and precision ag.

    Contact us and let us show you how your operations can benefit.



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