From basic guidance to advanced data collection and analysis, John Deere Harvesting Equipment includes state-of-the-art Integrated Technology to significantly improve your efficiency and productivity.

Combine Harvesters

S-Series Combine Photo of Combine moving through crops

S-Series Combines

S-Series Combines offer unprecedented rotary threshing and separating performance. The unique single-tine separator and exclusive TriStream™ crop-flow design provide superior material-handling performance in all conditions and higher levels of crop-harvesting capacity, as well as excellent grain quality. Five models ranging from Class V through Class IX.

S-Series Combines

T Series Combine Moving through crops

T-Series Combines

T-Series Combines offer smooth, direct crop flow and the largest active separation of any small-grain, walker combine on the market. It’s a Class 7 combine that pairs conventional threshing technology with the Tangential Tine Separator. From the threshing system back, the T670 uses straw walkers to gently separate grain from the crop mat.

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Headers and Platforms

Cotton Harvesters

CP 690 Photo

CP690 Cotton Picker

Experience improved non-stop round module harvesting with 7 km/h row unit sync-speed powered by a 13.5 L Tier 2 Engine with 440 kW peak engine power. Our next generation ProDrive™ Automatic-Shift Transmission with anti-slip regulation provides superior front-to-rear traction stability.

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CS690 Photo

CS690 Cotton Stripper

Our non-stop round module harvesting solution is powered by the eco-friendly 13.5 L PowerTech PSS Tier 4 engine that delivers 395 kW peak engine power. The ProDrive™ transmission along with with full-time 4WD and greater traction control gives you improved harvest speed flexibility.

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