From basic guidance to advanced data collection and analysis, John Deere Harvesting Equipment includes state-of-the-art Integrated Technology to significantly improve your efficiency and productivity.

Combine Harvesters

S-Series Combine Harvester

S-Series Combines

S-Series Combine Harvesters offer unprecedented rotary threshing and separating performance. The unique single-tine separator and exclusive TriStream™ crop-flow design provide superior material-handling performance in all conditions and higher levels of crop-harvesting capacity, as well as excellent grain quality. Choose from the four model line-up ranging from Class 6 through Class 9.

S-Series Combines

Corn header attached to a combine harvester at sunset.

Corn Heads

More hectares, higher yields and tough stalks are real challenges at harvest. That's why our corn heads are robust enough to cut the toughest, thickest crop with ease to help ensure every kernel makes it inside the machine.

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Draper platform attachment for combine harvester

Draper Platforms

Don’t leave any crop in the field with one of John Deere’s high performance rigid or hinged frame drapers. Covering a variety of widths, ranging from 9.1-m to 15.2-m models, the all-new line of hinged drapers are designed to reduce total header loss, while consistently maintaining desired cut height to put more grain in your tank.

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John Deere cotton picker

Cotton Harvesting

When it comes to harvesting cotton, John Deere’s picker and stripper machine options provide the competitive advantage, allowing for increased flexibility as you move modules from paddock to gin by using RFID tags embedded into the module wrap. With the ability to hold enough wrap for 120 modules, eliminating the need to dump, these machines also provide more uptime and productivity in your harvesting days.

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