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The New Era of John Deere Servicing: Hutcheon & Pearce’s Service Trucks

In the fast-paced world of Australian agriculture where we are at the whim of the weather, Hutcheon & Pearce understands the need for bringing John Deere machinery servicing to you and is proud to deliver the Hutcheon & Pearce Service Truck Fleet. The service trucks carry the equivalent of one week of Hutcheon & Pearce’s servicing quota in oil and filters per truck, meaning our technicians spend more time with our customers and less time travelling back to a branch restocking. The top tier service trucks combined with our HP Performance package, over the phone support from TECsight and our Precision Ag experts, Hutcheon & Pearce offers a level of support only available to our customers.

Proactive Automated Servicing

Remote Monitoring

John Deere JDLinkUsing JDLink technology, we remotely monitor your machinery’s health and engine hours, automatically scheduling services ahead of time to prevent any disruptions and minimise our customers administrative load;

Efficient On-Site Service

Service to you

Our trucks are fully stocked with a range of oil and filters reducing the need for field technicians to go back to branch and allowing for a week’s worth of servicing per truck.

"Our vision of being industry leaders in the quality of our service and support requires us to keep our customers operations running smoothly all year round. The Hutcheon & Pearce Service Trucks fleet represent a significant investment in our commitment to this vision.”

Rohan Roosendaal- Aftermarket Manager

1900 litres of various John Deere oils and 200 litres of coolant, we can cater to a wide range of machinery needs.

A 1200 litre waste oil tank ensures environmentally responsible oil disposal.

The trucks are fitted with hose reels, pumps, tech toolboxes, and a 1000W Redarc Inverter, making them ready for any maintenance task.

Oil Aboard!

800 Litres JD HY-GARD (Hydraulic Oil)
500 Litres JD PLUS 50II (Engine Oil)
200 Litres JD TORQ GARD (Engine Oil, Also used for sprayer hydraulic systems)
200 Litres JD GL-5 80-90 (Gear Oil)
200 Litres JD GL-5 85-140 (Gear Oil)
200 Litres JD COOLGARDII (Coolant)

The Hutcheon & Pearce Service Trucks are more than just a response to our customers’ needs – the fleet is a testament to our commitment to leading the industry in providing the best customer service, full aftermarket assistance and personalised technical support. Our fleet is not just about service; it’s about smart, data-driven, automated care for your machinery, ensuring your operations are never interrupted and your time isn’t spent doing admin to manage your machines. With these trucks, our field technicians can spend more time by your side ensuring your machinery is always operating at its best.

Ready to benefit from H&P's unmatched servicing?

Contact your local Hutcheon and Pearce branch today. Ask to sign up to the High Performance package or get your first visit booked in from one of the service trucks in the fleet.


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