LEAD provides effective managers with the opportunity to further understand their strengths and weaknesses, so as to transform into highly effective leaders, who lead by transforming the H&P organisation into the “Dealer of Tomorrow”.

LEAD is targeted at all Branch, Functional and General Managers by default.

Courses will be offered throughout the year as:

  • standalone target training sessions facilitated by a topic expert or external proivider
  • incorporated into scheduled Functional and Branch meetings.
  • Guest lecturers or speakers may be invited to share learnings on various topics of interest
  • External formal extensions “Pathways to Leadership” through Griffith University
  • Personal assessments and workshops in Branch/Dept to build High Performing Teams


External formal training through Griffith University exists as a component of John Deere’s Pathways to Leadership program with three cumulative stages of qualification:

  • Graduate Certificate – 1 year
  • Post Graduate Diploma – +1 year
  • Masters of Business Admin – +1.5 year

LEAD – Personal Skill Development

  • Financial Management, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Leading Change & Continuous Improvement
  • Personal Profiling and Team Behaviour optimisation
  • Risk Management & Contingency Planning
  • Leading Work Health & Safety
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Recruitment and Managing Performance
  • Advanced Financial software literacy & Dealer Spectrum optimisation

John Deere’s Pathways to Leadership

  • Graduate Certificate – Leading and Managing Change – 4 days
  • Graduate Certificate – People Management – online
  • Graduate Certificate – Developing Values Based Leadership – 4 days
  • Graduate Certificate – Marketing or Franchising online electives
  • Post Graduate Diploma – Entrepreneurial Innovation Marketing – 4 days
  • Post Graduate Diploma – Service Sector Marketing & Operations – 4 days
  • Post Graduate Diploma – Accounting & reporting – online elective
  • Post Graduate Diploma – Managing Change – online elective
  • Post Graduate Diploma – Managerial Problem Solving – online elective
  • Masters of Business Administration – +6 modules

High Performance Academy

The HPA provides our employees with best practice training to take charge of their career and fulfill every opportunity and dream possible. The Hutcheon and Pearce organisation as a whole benefits with optimised:

  • Performance Management
  • Talent Planning and Management
  • Career Planning & Development
  • An Industry leading culture of continious Improvement
  • Highly skilled, trained and engaged employees
  • An environment where we all want to come to work

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LEAD: Building organisational capacity through our values: SUCCESS, QUALITY, INTEGRITY & TEAMWORK