9000 Series servicing

A complete service for your 9000 Series Tractor as per the manufacturers guidelines and recommendations.

9R, 9RT & 9RX Series servicing

*Conditions: Oils, coolant, filters and parts are not included. Travel charges apply for on-site servicing. No additional work will be done without your authorisation. Additional mechanical repairs outside of warranty will be charged at normal retail rates. Labour only, does not include Parts, Travel, Consumables. Servicing costs for machines at 3000hrs and over may differ.  *All prices shown in Australian dollars including GST. Prices are until November 30th 2022. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Service pricing may differ depending on model and serial number. The above is a guide. Always check with your local Hutcheon & Pearce Branch, which service applies to your machine.

On-site discount service travel charges

For on-site service, add $100 within 100km of your nearest H&P dealership

Or, add $150 for greater than 100km, but within 150km of your nearest H&P dealership

No additional work will be done without your authorisation

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