Gator Utility Vehicle servicing

A complete service for your Gator Utility Vehicle as per the manufacturers guidelines and recommendations.

Includes all oil and filters


Pick-up and delivery not included. Travel charges apply for on-farm servicing. Additional parts and repairs are not included. Additional mechanical repairs outside of warranty will be charged at normal retail rates. Fixed Price excludes 850i, 860E & 860i models. Contact your local Hutcheon & Pearce Branch for a quote on these models. *All prices shown in Australian dollars including GST. Prices are until November 30th 2022. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

On-site discount service travel charges

For on-site service, add $100 within 100km of your nearest H&P dealership

Or, add $150 for greater than 100km, but within 150km of your nearest H&P dealership

No additional work will be done without your authorisation

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