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As the masters of technology at Hutcheon & Pearce, our TECSight® team gets to work on some interesting projects that go beyond the typical on-farm setting and require an in-depth understanding of machinery. One such project was the recent Coolamon football ground development that put iGrade and T3RRACutta technology to the test.

Sam Horan, TECSight Integrated Technology Solutions specialist, takes us through the Coolamon project and the highlights the power of iGrade and T3RRACutta.

iGrade is John Deere’s advanced approach to levelling, drainage, grading and plan generation, while T3RRACutta is Wizard-based software that guides users through the 3D land forming process.

iGrade provides a quick and simple solution to relevelling irrigation bays, cleaning out drains, creating dry land field drains and making roads.

T3RRACutta software is used in-cab through a tablet device, and essentially talks to the John Deere tractors and receivers to controls the height of the land forming bucket or blade.

According to Sam, the pairing of these technologies is where the magic happens.

“By using iGrade paired with T3RRACutta, users can create a 3D model and 3D land forming design right there in the tractor cabin. The user can access precise information about how much dirt to move and where it needs to be moved to form the most functional and best drainage/ wetting front for rice field, cotton field, or drains for broadacrce. Decisions about how long it will take or how much it will cost can be made on the spot.

“T3RRACutta is absolutely the simplest and most intuitive software in the business, and the combination is an elegant solution that is not only time-saving but cost-saving. The end result is much more efficient.”

iGrade is suited to farmers or land levelling contractors in both the agriculture and construction industry, which was the case with a recent project at Coolamon.

“We were brought in on the redevelopment of Coolamon football grounds and had the opportunity to work alongside a local land forming contractor – D&L McCallum. We worked with them from design to final implementation and it was a small job, but great to see the technology making drainage decisions easier.

The field was only 2ha and by using T3RRA Cutta was made into an easy job to create a simple yet effective 3D dual-plane best-fit design. TECSight® aided in the process of surveying the field, designing the site and making sure all equipment was set up correctly and operating to its optimum during the final implementation.

“It wasn’t overly challenging, but I would say that the job at Coolamon may be the one most rewarding project I have been involved in at TECSight®.”

When asked about farming applications, Sam is quick to point out that there is much to be gained from iGrade and T3RRACutta on-farm.

“Surveying and land forming can be an expensive exercise so, by using this technology, you can bring this function in-house. With a little bit of guidance, you can be surveying, designing and implementing these projects yourself and potentially saving thousands in the long-run.

“We’re told that one of the best features found by farmers is the ability (with the right equipment) to leave the iGrade and scraper running in the paddock implementing a plane while removing the T3RRACutta tablet to go survey and design the next field or job.

“It can really make the job so much easier and all the feedback tells us that both the iGrade and T3RRACutta are really so simple. Yes, it has the advanced features, but they are incorporated in an easy-to-use, operator-friendly product.”

Sam’s tips for making the most of your iGrade investment?

“iGrade is ideal for a customer that is already running Greenstar guidance with 2cm RTK accuracy as they will find they already own 80% of the equipment needed to run the system. And it performs great provided all calibrations are correctly set up and maintained throughout the year.

“At Hutcheon & Pearce we offer iGrade and AMS optimisation packages for servicing your GPS equipment and half-day optimisations, so it’s pretty straightforward to get things working in top shape.”

From data to implementation

TECSight® offers half-day iGrade and GPS optimisations starting at $540. For more information, contact the team.

Did you know that TECSight also offers a range of value-added services including:

  • In-field AMS optimisation
  • bBasic data management
  • Field elevation surveying
  • Field levelling designs
  • Advance agronomic data cleaning
  • Advanced agronomic data reports including paddock cost mapping
  • Tank level monitoring, dam level monitoring, moisture probes, weather stations with an advanced range of features
  • NDVI drone flights and plant stand counts in corn and cotton
  • Satellite imagery
  • Speciality yield documentation in almost any crop type, and much more!

We can also partner with your agronomist to help provide a whole integration package from data to machine implementation.

Talk to the TECSight® team today: 02 5924 5111.


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