TECSight® Precision Ag

TECSight® Precision Ag

Let our qualified staff help you build towards your production and management goals with accurate and timely data management. TECSight PA Services provide the next level of service for data management by ensuring you get real value out of your data. This means making it simple to view, maintain, and collaborate with advisers and other stakeholders, and then ensuring your management decisions actually happen, back in the field.

We offer a range of service options, starting from our KickStart Service through to our Basic and Advanced Services – all of which are focused on your business and your goals.

Our KickStart Service, delivered on-farm for $275 inc. GST, includes:

  • Establishing access to MyJohnDeere.com
  • Introduction to Operations Centre, JDLink and our connected apps
  • Assessing your individual requirements for data management
  • Assessing potential training requirements (Screen, MyJohnDeere.com etc)
  • Introduction to 3rd party integrations with MyJD.com
  • Assessment of current equipment and how to build this towards your business goals

Following our KickStart Service, we can customise a follow up plan to suit your business needs:


  • Boundary creation
  • AB line consolidation and renaming
  • Setup file management
  • Historical data layer consolidation
  • AMS Training
  • com Cleanup
  • Machine analytics


Our advanced service aims to address your production and management limitations in the field. We know this can vary significantly between fields, farms and businesses, so we work closely with yourself and your advisers to collect and collate the chosen data types to allow you to make more informed decisions, then we ensure that your machinery can deliver the plan. It can include:

  • Soil Management Support ie: soil surveys, testing, zoning
  • Plant Management Support ie: imagery, weather monitoring
  • Business Management Support ie: record keeping, data integration
  • Fleet Management Support ie: machine optimisation and monitoring
  • Team Management Support ie: staff job tracking and management

Contact us to arrange your KickStart Service, and see how we can make data a valuable tool in your business.

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Efficiently plan, run and manage your operations

Unlock the full productivity of your operations through MyJohnDeere. This agricultural web portal facilitates decision-making on all machinery, staff management and production matters – all from a central location.

MyJohnDeere achieves in seconds what once took hours! You can log on from any PC, tablet or smartphone to analyse your farm’s performance. Share data securely with Hutcheon & Pearce or other trusted advisors to optimise operations across the value chain.



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We have a team of PA Consultants ready to help you achieve your production and technology goals. Feel free to contact one of us to see what we can offer.

Servicing Griffith, Hillston, Lake Cargelligo, Coleambally and Hay

Shaun Flood

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Servicing Forbes, Condobolin, Orange, Cowra, Harden and Temora

Russell Bate

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Servicing Albury, Finley, Wagga, Narrandera and Temora

Clare Robinson

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